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Sliding Windows

Sliding windows offer optimum convenience when there is limited space to open windows outward or inward. They offer dedicated sash profiles for windows and doors and has 40 mm shutter depth with minimum cill required, 60 mm. Water drainage and locking is not even an issue thanks to slanted outer frames and multipoint locking options.

  • Dedicated sash profiles for window and doors.
  • 40 mm shutter depth and minimum cill required 60 mm.
  • Typical configurations possible in all windows and doors – 2T2P, 2T3P, 2T4P, 3T3P, 3T6P with casement coupling possibilities at jamb, top & bottom.
  • Only three types of reinforcements required to stock.
  • Both single and multipoint locking possible.
  • Universal hardware adaptability.
  • Outer frames have slopes for better drainage.


Unique Window World’s exquisite collection of sliding windows adds panache to your homes. Crafted and designed in contemporary styles to complement your desires and taste, the sliding windows from Unique Window World can be the most elegant choice for your home décor. With enhanced features including simplicity, architectural enrichment, and easy to use, sliding windows are made by keeping different ideas in mind to cater to different needs of different customers. They are a great alternative for limited spaces because they slide horizontally into the grooves behind the fixed panes. These types of windows are great choices for other restricted spaces like interior partitions, cubicles, and balconies. In sliding windows, two or more frames, slide horizontally on tracks to the left or the right. The windows are slightly raised above the track for smooth slide and also preventing dust from collecting down in the track. Sliding windows are ideal for homes that require space-economy.


  • Look stylish and graceful
  • Easy to operate
  • Require minimal maintenance
  • Durable
  • Offer uninterrupted view


  • Window/Door joining walls should be plastered from inside as well as outside. The cavity in which the new window shall be installed shall be free from any obstruction. The sill should be well plastered.
  • Each window should be adequately and properly shimmed to the plumb level.
  • The cavity shall be measured at three points both in width and height as under, the variation between the maximum and minimum size in case of width and also in height should not exceed 12 mm.
  • The width of the sill be more than the window frame width.
  • Clear guidelines to be given whether window to be internally flushed or externally flushed or what space to be left whether outside or inside if the sill level is more.
  • The installation shall commence only after one coat of paint, it should also be ensured that there is no plaster of Paris work done on the joining face of the window to the wall.
  • In case the grills are to be installed for slider windows and inward opening window it should be installed before the installation of the window. In case of the outward opening window, it should be installed after the installation of the window.